Bobby 11/06/2018
I done my 3 bedrooms house carpeting, excellent job, do business again. Thanks...
David Allen 23/08/2018
Excellent service, I will come back here again. Highly recommended..
John Trevious 29/05/2018
I done my 3 bedroom and study, good advice, excellent workmanship, happy with price. Thanks..
Mike Aston 22/04/2018
Very pleased with service 4 bedrooms and stiars case, very good price. Thanks..
Diana Betty 05/11/2018
They install laminate flooring in my lounge room and patch my bed room carpet. Excellent Job, very h..
Lily Macinkovic 30/08/2018
They done my 5 bedrooms, family rooms and stairs carpeting and hallway living dinning and kitchen wi..
Mick 05/11/2018
Excellent carpet and installation and very good price. Thanks ..
Andrew Xe 14/07/2018
I am very pleased that I have provided contract to Endeavour Hills Carpet for carpeting my 6 bedroom..

How to Buy (User Guide)

User Guide (Instant Carpet Quotes)                                                                             Request a Measure and Quote

Fist of all thank you for choose us as your carpet supplier and installer.

Following steps will help you how to get instant carpets quotes online and purchase.

Step  A:  Choose your carpet style (design)

Step  B:  Choose your carpet colour (by clicking small thumb image)

Step  1:  Choose your location (which is by default Victoira only)

Step  2:  Input your quantity requirement in square meter or in linear metre box

      2a: Also please select "Add extra 10%" for Seaming, wastage and wall variation.

Step  3:  Choose your service requirement by clicking of the option *[Supply only] *[Supply & instllation] and *[Supply+Installation+carpet underlay]

Step  4:  Choose other option requirement (Take up and disposal of existing carpet, Furniture Handling and Trims etc) if you required

Step  5:  If you required stairs carpeting then please click "Stairs option box" and input your number of steps in appropriate stair box.

Step  6:  So far so good, now click on ADD to cart button.

Step  7:  Now click on shopping cart from pop-up window or at the top right cart button.

Step  8:  Click on Chekout button

Step  9:  If you are a new customer please select "Register Account" and click on "Continue" button and fill your details and follow on screen.

Hope all above informaion will help easy shopping, if you need further help please feel free to contact us.

On site measure and quote deposit:

What is the $99 deposit?

Online Instant Carpet Quote  charge you $99.00 deposit that we credit towards your final purchase and this covers the cost of the onsite measure and the preparation of
your floorplan.

If you do however end up purchasing the same carpet through another store for less we will refund your $99.00

Check out our Lowest Price Guarantee for details.

Your $99 deposit will not refunded if you simply decide to not purchase the carpet.

Request a Measure and Quote


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