Carpet Overlocking FAQ

Carpet edge overloking service


We turn your carpet remnants into useful colour matched custom made

*RUGS *MATS *STAIRS MATS and *Hallway RUNNERS for home, vehicles and motor home. 

* Nonslip treatments and rubber backing available.

* FREE pickup and delivery available some area condition applies.


Frequiently Asks Question FAQ


Q:  I’ve just had new carpet installed. Can I have my offcuts made into mats?

A:  Yes.

Drop off your carpet remnants to us – bring your measurements with you.
We trim your carpet to size and overlock using a neat and tight blanket stitch, using colour matched yarn.
You can pick up your new rugs and mats – usually within 2-3 working days.
We also have pickup and delivery services available free of charges (condition apply: Minimum quantity 20 running metre)
        Call us today on (03) 9706 1433, Mob: 0469 17 44 50 

Q:  How much will it cost to have my carpet overlocked?

A:  Carpet overlocking is a very cost effective way to make use of your carpet remnants.

We charge by the lineal metre – ie. we measure around the perimeter of each mat

1: Standard shapes (squares and rectangles): $5.00 per lineal metre.
     This NOT includes cutting your mats to size.

2: Standard shapes (squares and rectangles): $6 per lineal metre.
    This includes cutting your mats to size.

3: Large rugs (over 7 sq mts) – $7.50 per lineal metre.
    This includes cutting your mats to size.

4: Runner Ends – $10 per end

For non-standard shapes (such as shaped campervan, Ute or motorhome mats) – we’ll provide a quote when we see your template.

Q:  What is the carpet drop off location?

 A:  Endeavour Hills Carpet Plus, Shop 3, Endeavour Hills Shopping Centre, 78 Heatherton Road, Endeavour Hills. Phone: (03) 9706 1433, Mobile: 0469 174450.

Business hours: 

We are open Monday-Friday and Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm. We are Closed Sunday.

Q:  Can I have a large rug custom made from carpet?
A:  Yes. We are a carpet retailer we carry different design and quality of carpet. We can then trim and overlock it for you to give you the perfect size and colour rug for your room. This can be surprisingly cost effective too.

Q:  Do you make custom shaped mats for boats, caravans, utes and vans?
A:  Yes we do. As long as you can provide us with an accurate template we can make ‘odd’ shaped mats.

Q:  Do you offer non-slip options for placing rugs on hard floors?
A:  Yes! We can do it for you OR we also offer an easy spray on DIY option. 

Q:  Do you overlock old/used carpet?
A:  No. Unfortunately we are not able to overlock used carpet as it contains harmful particles that can seriously damage our equipment.

Q:  Do you overlock Child Care Centre mats?
A:  Yes we do. Please call us to discuss.

Q:  What payment options can I use?
A:  We accept cash, eftpos, Credit card in store (or Credit card over the phone) and bank transfer. 


 Call us today on (03) 9706 1433 or 0469 17 44 50 and turn your carpet into mats.


Carpet to rug graber and rug to hard flooring graber in action


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